Experience The Healing Powers of Nature and Embark on a Sacred Journey of Discovery...

...One that will lead you onto a fertile path- that will not only include plants, but many people, cultures, places and spirits. All of which will guide you ever homeward, toward your own true nature.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” -Saint Augustine.


 At Sacred Nature, we specialise in high-quality, intimate tours. Guiding you on the most remarkable plant medicine sanctuaries on earth and putting you in contact with diverse cultures and awe-inspiring people, every journey we offer will take you into places where you’ve never been... And those places are not necessarily outside of yourself!


Embark on a lifetime adventure to explore new pages of your own book. 


“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes a matter of opportunity.” - Hippocrates.


Give yourself the gift of opportunity and meet powerful green allies and their worldwide messengers and traditional healers, that will guide you on your healing journey. Each trip will help you to be in touch with your own medicine.

You will meet different medicine men and women from around the world who will let you in on their knowledge of ancient healing practices. Learn important tools that you will be able to take and carry with you throughout your life.


“Plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision” - Rosemary Gladstar.


Discover, or re-discover, common and rare medicinal plants, delve into the knowledge of both traditional and modern plant medicine and let the spirit of the plants expand your vision.


You will get to know the indigenous flora of the land you visit, explore local plant medicine and obtain a deeper knowledge of the healing power of plants.


More than just a tour

Not just a tour - we commit not to sell already fabricated trips sold by industrial tour operators. Our trips are carefully put together with special intention placed on authenticity, plant knowledge, healing and a deep respect for nature. We offer tours that enable you to travel and discover but also to learn, heal and grow.

Intimate groups

We believe you deserve to have personal guidance and the space to share, evolve, be yourself and live the experience as your own- without getting lost in a large group. That is why we have a maximum group capacity of 15 people. 

We support local communities 

For each trip we ensure that we keep the integrity of the country and respect the cultures around us. That’s why we choose to support local communities by making them an intrinsic part of our journeys and giving them fair and equal pay. 


From the place where you rest your head at night to your transportation- everything is selected with consciousness. Not only to ensure you have  the best and most authentic  experience, but to make sure we leave a minimum impact on the environment.


​We will share with you valuable tools that will help you connect to nature on a deeper level… these are tools you will be able to take away and carry with you long after the trip is over and you will be able to apply them to your daily life. 

Deepen your connection with nature

We offer a special focus on plant medicine. From learning about the medicinal properties of a plant, to learning about energetical plant medicine, including working with the energy of the plants and diving into the world of plant spirit medicine. You will be guided by experienced healers and experts in plant medicine.

Plant medicine and allies


“A deeply touching and transformative experience. Simply Beautiful.”

Juliette Suler


and don't miss out on any magical adventures


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