Connecting to nature as the basis of  growth and unfolding of the spirit



At Sacred Nature, we specialise in high-quality, intimate tours where we delve into the most remarkable medicinal plant sanctuaries on earth.


From tropical rainforests, high and wild mountains, to the poetic and rich landscapes of Provence, you will have an authentic experience connecting with mystical cultures who maintain a deep connection with nature and spirit alike and who still possess ancient wisdom that so many have forgotten.


More than a tour, what we offer are sacred journeys, where you will not only discover the healing power of medicinal herbs, ancient healing practices and different cultural traditions, but rediscover your own sacred nature. We are sure you will live a transformative and authentic adventure where you will deepen your connection with nature and with yourself.  

At Sacred Nature, we spend time seeking out some of nature's most precious treasures and discovering places of powerful natural beauty to be able to share with you:

In depth medicinal plant knowledge

Extraordinary teachings from authentic medicine men and women from different traditions.

A safe and gentle space to dive deeper in the realm of Nature’s healing power

An initiation to plant spirit medicine (dream work with plants, plant meditation, plant spirit journeys, etc.)

Life long tools that will enable you to feel the energy of plants and trees and tap into your intuition

We make sure you have enough time to experience the living power and beauty of the places we visit, to dwell in sacred space through meditation and ritual, to learn the lore of the land through myth and story told by our local partners, and to open to new insights and awareness of your soul’s journey.


We think that Nature is not only beautiful, generous and abundant, we also think that connecting with Nature is one of the most powerful ways to go back to your own Nature... And that’s where true healing begins!


Sacred Nature was founded by Alicia and Guillaume. Both sharing a deep passion for travel, nature and natural ways of living, they discovered the healing world of plants. Enthused and amazed by how powerful Nature’s ability to heal is, they decided to quit the rat race and make their passions their daily reality. And so, Sacred Nature was born. 


Alicia and Guillaume have both traveled all over the world meeting incredible and inspirational people who showed them how very much alive herbal traditions and alternative ways of healing still are. Their research and exploration led them to realise how efficient and simple healing with Nature’s resources can be while recognising that modern society had almost completely lost that knowledge. Seeing how difficult it was for many to reconnect with their innate healing capacity, they decided to combine their love of travel and plants to help spread the message.  


Their objective is to help people re-establish this connection and aid in the realisation that we hold profound knowledge, we are capable of healing ourselves and that we are part of nature, not outside of it- it’s just a matter of remembering! 


Their intention is to share high-quality knowledge on how simple and effective plants and spirit alike can be used to heal on many levels; emotionally, physically and spiritually. Their wish is also to reconnect the wise men and women all over the world that remain the keepers of such a powerful, deep and authentic understanding of plant medicine, with those who want to remember the old ways and move forward in their lives- equipped with profound and ancient wisdom. 



*At Sacred Nature, we don't claim to be able to heal any physical ailments, we simply give knowledge on medicinal plants and give you tools to help guide you on your path of emotional well-being.




Deeply in love with Nature, Guillaume studied forest ecology and worked for several years in South America in forestry companies where he was in charge of deforestation reduction programs.


Through those experiences, he got the chance to be in contact with many different kinds of ecosystems, medicinal plants and indigenous communities. He also met many healers and shamans that taught him about their vision of Nature and shared with him some of their knowledge of the plant and spirit world.


His second passion is self-exploration and healing. In parallel with his work and studies, he has learned several self-development and healing techniques, including energy healing, aromatherapy and herbal medicine. For 7 years, he has also been trained in shamanism and shamanic healing by the Foundation For Shamanic Studies.


Since 2014, Guillaume has been organising workshops to help those who are interested in developing a sensitive and energetical approach to Nature in order to reconnect with its healing capacity. 


Despite being a child who was completely fascinated with witches and making potions, Alicia was raised in a big city, and like many living in those environments, she grew up leaving the magical land of faeries and plants behind her to work a stressful job with next to no contact with Nature. 

Unconvinced by that lifestyle, she quickly realised it wasn't for her and began to search for something more meaningful. She quit her job and the city and went on a journey of self-discovery where she was reconnected with her inner-child and her true passions.


Following the call of nature, she was re-initiated back into the plant world by essential oils and began a career in aromatherapy which required her to research a lot of medicinal plants. This led her to the multifaceted world of herbalism where she decided to undertake training in both traditional and intuitive herbal medicine.  


Combining her love of travel, herbal medicine (and organisation) she happily swapped grey and busy cities for greener landscapes to help guide you on your journeys. 



and don't miss out on any magical adventures


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