3 day Herbal Alchemy workshop with Daniel Wiseman


An Introduction to Spagyric Preparation of Plants and Fungi with Herbalist & Medicine Maker Daniel Wiseman



12th - 14th  JUNE 2020 - Provence, France


Create more bio-available, deeper penetrating, specified and longer lasting medicines.


This 3 day intensive workshop and retreat will provide all the basic keys to enter the Vegetable Kingdom of Spagyria; the science and philosophy of basic Herbal Alchemy. Go deeper in your herbal medicine practice and learn how to take your medicine making to the next level.




Class material will introduce the basic history, theory, terminology and laboratory practice of this ancient Art and it's numerous incarnations throughout the human story. Daily workshops and classes will incorporate hands on harvesting, processing and utilisation of Plant Medicines.


Woven throughout the weekend will be introspective, philosophical, ritual, meditative, communal and social activities, allowing for the intimate Inner Work of connecting to one another and of course to the Medicine, this Path and Nature itself. As much time as possible will be spent outdoors in Nature.


Specific Spagyric preparations covered throughout the weekend will include:

  •  Tinctures

  • Essences

  • Elixirs

  • Oils

  • The Plant Stone

  • The Paracelsian Majestery

  • The Ens

  • Dual Extracts of Fungi

  • Vegetable Kingdom Menstruums and more.

Practical workings and theory explored will include:

  • Planetary, Horary and Medical Astrology

  • Harvesting/Processing Medicinal Plants and Fungi

  • Basic Herbal Chemistry and Laboratory Practice

  • Traditional and Modern Herbal Medicine

  • Extraction, Distillation, Calcination, Fermentation

  • Purification and Maturation of Spagyric Remedies.


About Daniel Wiseman

Daniel has been dedicated to the Herbal Path for 15 years. His Green journey started with Plant Teachers in his late teens that helped guide him to a more balanced, natural and holistic way of living. Since then he has fortified his knowledge & practice through direct experience with Nature, self study, travel and more recently formal training from the East West School of Planetary Herbology and with world famous alchemist and chemist Robert Bartlett of the Spagyricus Institute.

Formerly the owner of Blue Apples Arts & Wellness Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Daniel’s newfound endeavor Secret Fire Apothecary focuses on Spagyric medicine making, regenerative & organic herb farming, sustainable & ethical wild harvesting, education and private practice as a clinical herbalist in rural Nova Scotia.


His practice is eclectic and ever evolving drawing from the global systems of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Medical Astrology and Spagyria/Alchemy.

Daniel is a professional practitioner and board member of the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia, a board member of the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations, a member of the International Alchemy Guild, a member of the Inner Garden Alchemy Research Group and teaches at the Bloom Institute of Herbal Studies.


Benefits of Herbal Alchemy

​Some noteworthy known benefits of this medicine making system include:

  •  Truly holistic and full spectrum extracts of plants, with their natural compositions left intact

  •   Increased bio-availability

  • Decreased risk of side effects/toxicity

  • Longer lasting and more penetrating effects

  •  Increased stability/shelf life

  • Alkalized final product

  • Increased nutritional benefit due to higher electrolyte content

  • Lower dosages required compared to conventional extracts

  •     Having the actions of both a bioactive medicine (ex.tincture) and an energetic medicine (ex. flower essence)


Where is the workshop held?


The workshop will be held on private land, in a charming old farmhouse situated next to a beautiful forest, just outside the magical medieval village of Sault. Sault is famous for its lavender fields and proximity to the legendary Mont Ventoux.


Some words on Sault:


"Sault is an exceptionally attractive village, even if just to sit quietly on a cafe terrace for a while, both because of the historical centre and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, a visit is highly recommended.

Among the streets and squares in the centre of Sault, there are some fine 16th century stone houses to admire, often with decorative and ornate doors and windows and first floor balconies."


"The location of Sault to the east of Mont Ventoux, a popular Tour de France cycling challenge, make it a popular destination with cyclists. It is also an important centre of the Provence lavender industry, and a centre for those wishing to see the magnificent lavender fields in flower - it is part of the popular route de la Lavande which passes through several towns and villages in the lavender growing region.


Sault is also an excellent base for exploring the region, with numerous small villages waiting to be discovered within a 20-kilometre radius. Among those, we have visited our favourites include Simiane la Rotonde, the little villages of Reilhanette, Aurel and Brantes, and the thermal station at Montbrun-les-Bains.


Scenic destinations close to Sault include the Gorges de la Nesque and the Montagne de Lure. There is an attractive pathway that follows below the cliffs in the Gorges de la Nesque, while the Montagne de Lure is a barren mountain area which is also home to a small ski station."



Route de saint trinit, Sault, France, 84390



One in the village Sault, drive to the camp site 'Camping du Defends' in the direection of Saint Trinit. Once at the Camp site you will see the enterance of a forest called 'Foret du Defends' on the left. Drive through the forest until you see a private property on your right.

Getting There

By air:


Closest Airport: Marseille Provence Airport


From Europe


By train:


Closest train station: Avignon TGV


You can get the Eurostar here! Simply type Avignon TGV on the Eurostar website for details.


Public transport:


From Avignon train station: Take a train to Carpentras train station, from there take a bus to Sault.



Pickups can be arranged the day before the workshop starts, from Marseille airport. Please note there will only be one pick up on this day so you may have to wait at the airport. 


If you would like to stay and explore this beautiful part of France we advise you to rent a car and make your own way to the retreat centre. Cars can be rented at low cost directly from Marseille airport. Ryanair rents cars at low costs.


Please note Taxis can be very expensive, around €200 one way as it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the retreat centre.










  • All teachings


  • All materials


  • Healthy, organic, vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner every day, made from local seasonal produce

  • Accomodation*

*Free accomodation will be provided for people travelling from outside of France. Limited space available-  first come first served basis. A cleaning fee of €8 a night is required.

Free camping is available on site.

  • Transportation

  • Cost to obtain a valid passport
    and Visa (if needed) 


  • Any items of a personal nature
    such as laundry, etc.


 € 450






and don't miss out on any magical adventures


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