Amazonian Plant Medicine Adventure 


An 11 day adventure, close to the plants, close to Nature... Back to basics


2-12th JUNE 2018

 Adventure • Plant Identification • Plant Knowledge • Herbal Medicine • Ceremony • Dreamwork 

Bushcraft • Shamanic Journeys • Ancient Traditions • Healing  • Flower essences 


If you are looking for a unique experience that will allow you to discover a stunning tropical country in all its authenticity, sacredness and magic, then this trip is for you. Learn how to build your own camp and sleep under the stars, covered by the jungle canopy. 

This trip is carefully crafted to awaken the adventurer that’s inside you and allow you to live a one of a kind experience in Ecuador. This beautiful country is the perfect place for the lovers of Nature, the ones that want to discover cultures who cultivate their relationship with Nature, have a great knowledge about the use of the natural resources to heal the body, the mind and the soul. We will explore this jewel of South America in a very authentic and simple way, completely away from the typical touristic tracks.

During this journey you will live different experiences from camping in the jungle, to spending time with shamans and healers. This trip is one for people who have a taste for adventure, who don't mind getting their hands dirty and who want to experience nature in a very deep and intimate way.  You will experience totally unique adventures ​​


  • Immersing yourself into the amazon forest with an indigenous
    guides that will teach you about:


    • Bushcraft (traditional techniques to live in the jungle)
      which include: building a shelter with natural materials, Sleep outdoor in nature, collecting food and finding drinkable water, lighting
      and maintaining a fire.


    • Identifying and preparing edible and medicinal plants of
      the amazon rain forest.

    • Myth and storytelling explaining the spiritual beliefs of his

  • Discovering a fantastic underground cave network that will enable you explore the unknown subterranean amazon, full of profound and special magic

  • Live a shamanic ceremony in a sacred cave, drinking power plant medicine

  • Spend a few days in the forest with a healer that will teach you all about the plants of the amazon

  • Experience various ceremonies including:

    • Medicinal plant steam baths 

    • Shamanic journeys

    • Plant spirit medicine (work with the spirit of the plants)

  • Relax after all those powerful experiences into the most beautiful thermal water baths at 4.000 meters of altitude in the Andes. 

​You will have the chance to connect on a deeper level with Nature’s energy,  plant medicine and experience many different ways of using the healing power of varioud green allies.

On this adventure you will discover that going back to basics is more than an excitement filled experience, it is also an opportunity for deep reconnection and getting the closest possible to Nature. By ridding yourself of the superficial, you enter into a more authentic space and allow yourself to embrace your true self.


•Basic bushcraft techniques
•Medicinal plant knowledge
•Basic herbal preparations
•Learn about plants native to Ecuador  
•Get inspired by how the people of the land use the plants around them and     apply that to how you can use the plants around you. 
•How to connect with the energies of trees and plants 
•How to have a deeper connection with Nature 
•Techniques for opening intuition
•Initiation to Shamanic journeys
•How to work with spirit guides
•Dream work and analysis
•How to connect with your inner being and gain a deeper understanding of   your true self





This trip may not be for everyone, it’s a trip where you will be taken out of your comfort zone.

You will be staying in a tropical climate and natural environment and even though you are going to be 100% safe with our guides, you will experience the bugs and the hot and wet weather of the Amazon.


We will only be sleeping in hotels three times during the trip, the rest of the nights will be outdoor in Nature so you’ll have to be comfortable with that. Having said that. that is exaclty what  makes the experience so powerful! 


DAY  1:

Pick up at Quito airport - Transfer to a charming boutique hotel in the historical centre of Quito. After some rest we’ll meet for a welcoming reception* to set our intentions for the trip and discuss the activities for the week ahead. We will guide you to start to open and connect to your intuition on a deeper level.

*The meeting will be at 5pm, so please try to plan your arrival to Quito accordingly.

DAY  2:

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we will start our journey toward the Amazon. We will go through the spectacular “Ruta de las Cascadas” (the waterfall road) where we will stop for a short trip to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Ecuador. We will take advantage of the powerful energy of this place to help you to open up to your intuition and to establish the connection with your plant ally, the plant that specifically wants to work with you during this trip. Each of you will receive a flower essence and a plant ally pouch.


After a lunch in the town of Baños, we will continue our trip to Puyo


We will arrive in the evening in Puyo, to rest in a beautiful Amazonian lodge.

DAY  3:

Our guide, a medicine man from the Kichwa culture, will take us to a beautiful forest where we will meet with several powerful medicinal plants. You will not only learn how to recognize them and all about there medicinal properties, but you’ll also taste them and feel their immediate healing effect.

We will build a camp together and create our own tent where we are going to spend the night.

We will spend the evening around the fire, enjoying a delicious meal prepared with fruits and vegetables that we will forage in the forest. Our guide will tell us about the beliefs and spirituality of his people and let us dive into the wonders of the magical tales and legends from the Amazon... And maybe share with us a healing ritual that he received from his grand father.

DAY  4:

We will take a shower in a beautiful little river and after a very healthy breakfast, we are going to be transferred to Tena.
You will have some free time to explore the city and rest.

In evening we will meet for an initiation to shamanic journeys. We will explore a very safe and gentle technique, that is almost as old as humanity, to show you how you can be in touch with the non-ordinary reality.

DAY  5:

In the morning,  we will go on an exploration of the Napo river with a Canoe. We will make some stops to observe and talk about some amazing plants.


You’ll then be guided to connect with the energy of a tree and see how you can receive its healing.

After lunch we will make our way to an amazing underground cave that goes underneath the amazon forest. This cave belongs to a Shaman who is using it as a sacred temple. He made a wonderful medicinal plant garden at the entrance where he will teach us about the plants he uses.

We will spend the evening in his sacred cave to experience a very unique traditional shamanic ceremony.

DAY  6:

This adventure will continue with a 3 days immersion experience in the Jungle with an experiences and renowned shaman. He will take us inside the forest in a sanctuary that he has created to preserve nature and to perform his special rituals.

We will follow him for botanical walks, sacred rituals, and more.

DAY  7:

Jungle immersion with the Shaman

DAY  8:

Jungle immersion with the Shaman

DAY  9:

Jungle immersion with the Shaman

DAY  10:

It’s going to be time to say good bye to the Amazon and get ready to return to Quito. We will do one last stop before the capital in the Andes.


After all those powerful experiences in the forest we will have a very relaxing day in amazing natural warm thermal baths and enjoy the day to meditate, journal and digest all our experiences.


Before our last dinner together, we will meet for a closing ceremony.

DAY  11:

Transfer back to Quito and departure.



Please arrive in Quito by the 13th of June. We will arrange pick ups for you at the airport 

If you have made the decision to arrive in Ecuador a few days before the trip to get yourselves used to the climate and time difference, we will arrange for you to be picked up at your hotels. 




  • Meals from the dinner of the first
    night to the breakfast of the last day


  • Accommodation

  • All the plant workshops and meetings
    with the healers/shamans


  • All the activities specified in the itinerary

  • Private transport

  • Transfer to and from the Quito Airport

  • Travel with two English and Spanish speaking herbal enthusiasts

  • A flower essence and a plant ally pouch

  • A travel kit that is going to be sent to you before the trip that includes



  • Airfare to and from Quito, Ecuador

  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance

  • Meals and drinks not specified

  • Cost to obtain valid passport and Visa (if needed) 

  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls

  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary

  • Costs to obtain valid passport


Double room: 1 500 €

Supplement for a single room: 600 €



* Please consider using natural mosquito repellent as DEET is not only harmful to the environment but is also harmful to you. 


Photos from out 2017 'Back to Basics' Adventure trip in Ecuador



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