Sacred Amazonian Plant Medicine


An 11 day transformational plant medicine journey to discover the ancient ancestral herbal medicine traditions of Ecuador.



10-22nd JUNE 2018

Plant Identification • Plant Knowledge • Herbal Medicine • Ceremony • Dreamwork 

Shamanic Journeys • Ancient Traditions • Healing  • Flower essences 



On this tour you will discover the magic of this little jewel in south America. Although the smallest country of the continent, Ecuador is one of the most diverse. In a day you can travel from the mystic and vast Andes to the deep and lush Amazon forest and finish the day in the sunny and relaxing pacific coast.

One of the reasons why we think Ecuador is a  fantastic gateway into the world of plants is not only because of its abundant flora, but because of the native people of the land that make up a significant part of the population. Ecuador is so rich in culture due to there being so many diverse indigenous communities, each with their unique customs, yet still sharing a common ethos; their deep respect and understanding of nature. Their ancestral traditions are still very much alive and they carry with them the vast knowledge of connectedness with nature.

During this journey you will connect with different healers from various native traditions who will not only teach you about herbal medicine but also their own unique and in-depth approach. We will travel in stunning landscapes to meet:


  • A healer community from Otalvalo that grow and care for a communal medicinal garden that they use to heal themselves
    and others.


  •  A wise herbalist that has inherited her knowledge from her female ancestors that have passed down their wisdom from one generation to the next.

  • A Medicine man that uses plants to heal physically but also obtains sacred tools to attract positive influences on the earth and on his community.

  • An Amazonian shaman that will teach you all the secrets of the healing plants of the Amazon. We will stay  with him for a few
    days living different ceremonies, botanical walks and more.


  • Should it call you, you will have the opportunity to experience
    the power plant of the Amazon and journey with the Shaman.  


  • A community that distills organic native plants to produce
    essentials oils.

You will have the chance to connect on a deeper level with plant medicine and experience many different ways of using the healing power of varied green allies.


You will be guided during the trip in different kinds of exeperiences (meditation with flower essences, connecting with the spirit of a plant, connecting with a plant ally, and more).


• Myth, legend, folklore and story telling from  different indigenous communities. 

• Medicinal plant knowledge

• Basic herbal preparations

• Learn about plants native to Ecuador  

• Get inspired by how the people of the land use the plants around them and apply that to how you can use the plants around you. 

• How to connect with the energies of trees and plants 

• How to have a deeper connection with Nature 

• Techniques for opening intuition
• Initiation to Shamanic journeys
• How to work with spirit guides
• Dream work and analysis

• How to connect with your inner being and gain a deeper understanding of your true self




This trip is for anyone who is open to live a true and authentic experience close to nature. We have had groups of all ages, from all different walks of life that have developed strong bonds with one another. We find when one is so immersed in nature, that is when true connection, one that is blind to age, gender and status, can flourish.  Everyone is welcome. 

However, please bear in mind that we will be visiting a foreign land with different customs. We will be visiting the Amazon so there will be bugs! The weather can be hot and humid and the jungle doesn't come with AC! While we do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable and feeling good, if you are seeking a 5* luxury getaway then perhaps this trip not for you!



DAY  1:

Pick up at Quito airport - Transfer to a charming boutique hotel in the historical centre of Quito. After some rest we’ll meet for the welcome reception* to set our intentions for the trip and discuss the activities for the week ahead. You will be guided through an exercise to help you open and connect to your intuition on a deeper level. 

*The meeting will be at 5pm, so please try to plan your arrival to Quito accordingly.

DAY  2:

We will enjoy this day to go to the area of Otavalo where we will visit an indigenous community who grow and care for a communal medicinal garden that they use to heal themselves and others. We will meet with one of the most experienced healers of the region who will teach us about the main pants he uses and show us some of his best healing formulas. 

On the way to this beautiful place we will stop in a magical spot in nature for a meditation to establish the connection with your plant ally, the plant that specifically wants to work with you during this trip. Each of you will receive a flower essence and a plant ally pouch.

After lunch we will have some time to immerse ourselves in the Queshua culture and explore the city of Otavallo. The artisanal market is one of the most beautiful of all south America and in part, specialises in plant medicine. 

DAY  3:

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we will start our journey toward the Amazon. We will go through the spectacular “Ruta de las Cascadas” (the waterfall road) where we will stop for a short trip to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Ecuador. We will take advantage of the powerful energy of this place to help you to open up to your intuition.  

After a delicious lunch in the town of Baños, we will go and visit a traditional healer that will share with us her story and the way she works with plant medicine. You’ll have the possibility to experience several herbal remedies.

We will arrive in the evening in Puyo, to rest in a beautiful Amazonian lodge. 

DAY  4:

In the morning, we will visit a medicinal plant garden where you will meet many healing herbs from the Amazon. 


After a typical Amazonian lunch, you will be guided by a fantastic herbalist that will help you to make your own medicine with some of their plants.  

In the evening, after our diner, you will have the chance to do a shamanic journey. We will explore a very safe and gentle technique, that is almost as old as humanity, to show you how you can be in touch with the non-ordinary reality.

DAY  5:

In the morning,  we will meet with a medicine man from the Kichwa culture. He will take us to a beautiful forest where we will meet with several powerful medicinal plants. You will not only learn how to recognise them and learn all about their medicinal properties, but you’ll also be able to taste them and feel their immediate healing effect.


Our guide of the day will also tell us about the beliefs and spirituality of his people and let us dive into the wonders of magical tales and legends from the Amazon.

We will have a lunch and go to explore with him a sacred waterfall, a real initiation trip where he will share with us healing practises. 

Evening: Optional shamanic Journey with the drum to meet your spirit allies. 


DAY  6:

In the morning, we will travel to the area of Macas, the Shuar territory. We will be visiting a community that distills native plants of the Amazon into essential oils. You’ll learn everything about the way they transform these plants into  beautiful concentrated healing substances. We will guide you into an olfactory meditation to see how natural fragrances are gateways to help us heal our emotions.  

After lunch, we will be transferred to Tena. You will have some free time to simply relax or to explore this very dynamic Amazonian city. 

Evening: A traditional shaman is going to meet us at our lodge for an outdoor encounter around the fire (weather permitting). He will share with us his amazing story on how he became a shaman. 

DAY  7:

In the morning we will meet again with the shaman and go for a day-long immersion experience in the forest. The shaman will take the time to give to all of you a physical and energetical diagnostic that will allow him to know you better and guide you on the path of healing.

We will share a very healthy lunch prepared with produce from the forest. 

In the afternoon, we will go for a botanical walk. This is a unique experience to discover the vision of a wise man on plants and Nature. He will share with you amazing ways to connect with Natures energy. 

Evening:  Free time or option to live a traditional shamanic ceremony with amazonian plant medicine.

DAY  8:

In the morning we will go on a light outing on the Napo river to see the magic of the Amazon forest from the river. We will make some stops to observe and talk about some amazing plants. You’ll be guided to connect with the energy of a tree and see how you can receive its healing. 

After lunch, we will meet our friend, the shaman for a special medicinal plant steam bath. 

Evening: Free time or optional second traditional shamanic ceremony

DAY  9:

This is going to be our last day of immersion with the shaman. We will meet for an another physical and energetical diagnostic to see the changes that have occurred since we arrived in Tena. 

We will spend some more time in the forest to explore how to open a deeper dialogue with the plants around you. We’ll explore how to receive profound insight and healing from them.

Evening: free time

DAY  10:

It’s going to be time to say good bye to the Amazon and get ready to return to Quito. We will do one last stop before the capital in the Andes.

After all those powerful experiences in the forest we will have a very relaxing day in amazing natural warm thermal baths and enjoy the day to meditate, journal and digest all our experiences. 


Before our last dinner together, we will meet for a closing ceremony. 

DAY  11:

Return to Quito and departure



Please arrive in Quito by the 13th of June. We will arrange pick ups for you at the airport 

If you have made the decision to arrive in Ecuador a few days before the trip to get yourselves used to the climate and time difference, we will arrange for you to be picked up at your hotels. 



  • Meals from the dinner of the first
    night to the breakfast of the last day


  • Accommodation

  • All the plant workshops and meetings
    with the healers/shamans


  • All the activities specified in the itinerary

  • Private transport

  • Transfer to and from the Quito Airport

  • Travel with two English andSpanish speaking herbal enthusiasts

  • A flower essence and a plant ally pouch

  • A travel kit that is going to be sent to you before the trip that includes:

    • A drawstring travel bag

    • Natural sun block

    • Natural mosquito repellent

    • A beautiful notebook and a pen


  • Airfare to and from Quito, Ecuador

  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance

  • Meals and drinks not specified

  • Cost to obtain valid passport and Visa (if needed) 

  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls

  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary

  • Costs to obtain valid passport


Double room: 2 500 €

Supplement for a single room: 600 €


* Please consider using natural mosquito repellent as DEET is not only harmful to the environment but is also harmful to you. 


Photos from our 2017 Amazonian Plant Medicine trip



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