Workshops & Events

Lavender Plant Initiation Retreat with Pam Montgomery- in Provence France.

26th -  28th June 2020

Working Shamanically with Plants


A 3 day retreat led by Pam Montgomery in the heart of Provence surrounded by lavender fields. We will embark on a powerful plant spirit medicine journey and discover techniques to heal, grow and evolve guided by the spirit of Lavender.

"You will emerge from this Initiation in a new skin. Be prepared to change your life."

Four day herbal workshop in Provence, South of France

3rd -  6th July 2020

Learn the fundamentals of herbalism, from ID-ing local plants to making medicine, dive into the world of plant spirit medicine, meet your plant ally, learn about the basics of distillation, herbal alchemy and spagyrics, embark on shamanic journeys and deepen your relationship with the plant realm!

Workshops will run for 4 full days, from 10am - 6pm.

3 day Herbal Alchemy workshop with Daniel Wiseman

12th -  14th June 2020

An Introduction to Spagyric Preparation of Plants and Fungi with Herbalist & Medicine Maker Daniel Wiseman

This 3 day intensive workshop and retreat will provide all the basic keys to enter the Vegetable Kingdom of Spagyria; the science and philosophy of basic Herbal Alchemy. Class material will introduce the basic history, theory, terminology and laboratory practice of this ancient Art and it's numerous incarnations throughout the human story. Daily workshops and classes will incorporate hands on harvesting, processing and utilisation of Plant Medicines.


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