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Well, the question is where to start really ... I am a very seasoned loner of a traveller and was very weary of joining a group, but then decided that people that wanted to know about plant consciousness can't have been a bad lot ...and I was absolutely right !! It was an amazing experience from day one ! The group was unbelievable...Alicia and Guillaume provided what was in the brief and much much much more ... a truly life enhancing, eye-opening , soul developing experience the whole way through ... you will surely not be the same person when you come back from this trip and this only in the most positive of senses ... a truly wonderful and renewed person ... everyone looked about 20 years younger at the end and I promise I'm not kidding ! Look, I could go on telling you all about the amazing people we met, the plant consciousness we gained ,the fabulous places, the perfect schedule we held, the gorgeous hotels we stayed in , the laughter , the joy , the spirituality of it all, the experiences that are like beautiful jewels in my heart now in my heart and that I will cherish forever in my heart but as G and A know, I'm not a review kind of person , but if you have any doubts in your heart, right now, before you book it ... just don't !!!...because you won't regret it and I'm absolutely certain of this because I never wrote a review for anything in my life but this was worth it .... so just listen to your heart and go for it ... it knows best ...and it's never wrong !! G and A I love you !! you are so totally the best !! The energy you gave me is still pouring out of me like all the magnificent waterfalls we were so lucky to encounter


This trip presented itself to me as proof… Being a healer myself, I understood that this experience could help me to find the answers I was seeking, through the encounters with healers and shamans. It was above all a spiritual quest, allied with the call of nature and plants.  The experiences were so powerful and revealing that, back from this trip, I find it hard to put words on my emotions! The healers and shamans I met brought out in me what I really am. Evacuation of the past, spiritual revelations on my soul, opening in the power of my gift ... What a magical, mystical and revealing experience. This inner quest through these beautiful encounters on the other end of the world, teaches one more in 13 days, than in a lifetime! I feel fulfilled, "cleansed", stronger, and I KNOW ... The discovery of medicinal plants was a real treasure for me. I will now integrate them into my personal life and my mission. I understood that unity is created thanks to Nature, we have everything in front of us ...Mother Earth offers us everything we need to heal, we just need to understand it... I would need pages to express my gratitude to Guillaume and Alicia, organisers of this journey ... Because what they offer is much more than a trip! It is an experience that transports you into your inner being and into the truth of the Universe ... They are not organisers, but rather "guides", "angels" who welcome you with love and respect, in an extreme concern for your comfort and well-being. This gave the group, where nobody knew each other, a connection and an incredible harmony! Just let yourself be guided ... everything is perfect to take off in an awakened dream, where you come back transformed forever ... And all this magic is wrapped in a soothing simplicity and with moments of laughter!!! This group has become a "family" that I will keep deep in my heart. I feel an immense gratitude for Guillaume, Alicia and this magical country !! And I'm already signing up for the next trip in Nepal !!!! Thank you very much for everything and our paths will cross again for beautiful experiences on the other side of the world! "SACRED NATURE" FOREVER !!!!!!! :) <3


Leaving for Ecuador to meet medicinal plants and healers... what a dream ! Indeed, a dream come true ! I left for Ecuador without any expectations really, I am not used to travail in groups or even to go on organized trips but I wanted to learn more about medicinal plants and indigenous communities and discover this country where I've never been before. I am so glad I did ! Of course the plants are not the same in other countries and what you learn in Ecuador cannot be replicated exactly the same way somewhere else... But I actually learn something even better that just plant properties and indigenous habits ; I have learned a set of different tools to help me connect with plant and nature in a total different way and I can use these tools anywhere now. I am so grateful to Guillaume and Alicia who have shared this with us, with so much kindness and an open heart and achieve to create this magic atmosphere. I am also very grateful for the opportunity to meet such incredible people along the way, healers who have such a deep gaze that it reaches your soul and such a profound knowledge on nature and humanity that it makes you rethink what you believe in and how you want to live your life. Meeting these people and learning about indigenous communities the way we did would not have been possible in such an authentic way if not with this trip ! I am not sure it is possible to summarize this trip with short sentences but I definetly recomment it ! If not a game-changing trip at least a nice treat to your body and soul. And for sure, you will not regret it :)


I went to on this tour with the intention to discover new cultures and to connect with nature and plants, my expectations were more than fulfilled. Not only have I been amazed by the quality of the itinerary and of the encounters we had that brought me so much on a spiritual, educational, cultural and simply human level, but I’ve been just as much amazed by the professionalism of Alicia and Guillaume who in my opinion have this transmission and respect for Nature and culture in their DNA. I must also highlight the quality of the workshops that are offered to us by Alicia and Guillaume along the trip. On top of this amazing trip, I’ve come back with concrete tools that I can use in my everyday life to get even closer to what I want to become in the future. Many things are still moving silently inside me, really this journey has brought me a depth in so many aspects of my life. Thanks to you both, thank s to Nature and to the group.



​This trip is not just any trip ... it's an initiatory journey. Not only have we been "initiated" into the knowledge of sacred plants and medicinal plants, but we have learned to communicate with the Spirit of our plant ally to whom we can ask anything about our health. Alicia and Guillaume really focused on the quality of the meetings and exchanges with the indigenous people and the communities in the Andes and in the Amazon. These incredible healers who perpetuate the traditions, those shamans that I always dreamt to meet, were human experiences that I will never forget. Not to mention the fantastic group, welded as the fingers of the hand, united in the same energy, the tone was given by Alicia and Guillaume who took us to dream places deep in the Amazon. Every day came with a new discovery, a sacred waterfall, the biggest sacred tree of the Amazon, admirable people who work to protect their medicinal plant traditions. I come back from this trip not quite as I was when I left, I feel reconnected thanks to this immersion in the Sacred. Alicia and Guillaume have been our guides in so many levels! It was my most beautiful trip and probably not the last with Sacred Nature because to find again this atmosphere of peace, serenity and happiness.



This past November I spent 12 days in the heart of Ecuador with an amazing group of people and guides. Alicia and Guillaume of Sacred Nature put a lot of time and energy into creating an experience that was not only heart opening, but a truly life changing one as well. All aspects of this experience were bang on, from the hotels we stayed at to the sacred places we visited, their knowledge of the land as well as the indigenous cultures of the area, the energy and vibe they created in the group setting, words do not do them justice. After setting intentions at the beginning of the trip, we participated in guided meditations, shamanic journeys, dream workshops, and so much more. Not to mention the different shamans, healers, herbalists, biologists that we encountered throughout our journey, all brought something special to each of us. I feel as though I have come home a better person, my energy has changed, my friends and family all tell me I have a glow about me. My intentions and expectations of this trip have been more than fulfilled. I have come home not only with an open heart, but the tools to carry on my work as a child of Mother Nature, to be the best person I can be for humanity, to heal this planet through love and intention. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to connect not only with nature, but with other like-minded conscious individuals, and to make new forever friends. Bring on the next trip!



For me, this journey was an extraordinary experience. This wonderful trip allowed me to have impressive encounters, experience interesting and exciting rituals and ceremonies, experience different healings with shamans and healers, meet with very interesting herbalists who taught us how to make different medicinal preparations tinctures, ointments, etc).. And all this experienced in the Amazon rainforest with the songs of birds… A true paradise. The teaching and even quality of hotels… everything was perfect.
The organisers are real professionals, Guillaume and Alicia are two benevolent people who are very organised, everything was in a perfect timing, every single day was full of exciting and interesting activities. I will gladly leave again for an other adventure with both of you with complete confidence.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



Sacred Nature has been created by Alicia and Guillaume, two young people that are firmly rooted in their lives and who hold the reins masterfully; they offer to the group perfect logistics and a foolproof enthusiasm on this trip to Ecuador; the land of medicinal plants, home to the Andes and the Amazon. As far as I am concerned, I appreciated the trust, the benevolence and the care of our organisers, the seriousness and the respected timing from the beginning to the end filled with moments of laughter, some free time left in spite of the many workshops, walks, ceremonies and rituals offered. I found  the accommodations to be comfortable and without ostentation, and the tasty food was wonderful. Authenticity, respect for the natives and their tribes was present throughout, as was their touching teachings about deforestation and the current reality of the forest in Ecuador, all of which are qualities that touched me throughout the stay. Regarding the purpose of the trip, it has been completely fulfilled: the tight knit and respectful group that accompanies and stands in solidarity, the pleasure of learning and being initiated in all simplicity, far from the commercial paths, sincerity and the integrity of Alicia and Guillaume in all our travels, experiences, discoveries, initiations, and finally the joy and the smiles present in this group. I recommend to those who wish to participate in a journey full of honesty, in connection with the Sacred Nature, to those who have lost the thread of their interiority, and want to meet our Nature. I’m ready for the next tour in Nepal !!



My husband and I left for Ecuador with Guillaume and Alicia's group of 12 people. I went there to find all the beautiful promises listed on the site with the hope of being surprised by this trip. It was a total success! All the promises had been kept, and beyond! The visits and activities were flowed throughout the stay in a passionate and exciting series of discoveries, teachings and sharing, in an atmosphere full of beauty, authenticity and kindness. Thank you to Alicia and Guillaume for your work and your remarkable presence!



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