The Heart of Aromatic Plant Medicine


Spend 7 days surrounded by the healing fragrances of aromatic plants and connect with the little known mystic heritage of this land.


9-16th  JULY 2018


Plant Identification • Plant Knowledge • Essential oils • Hydrolates •  Flower essences •
Aromatherapy •   Herbal Medicine • Ceremony • Dreamwork  •  Shamanic Journeys •

Ancient Traditions • Folk Lore • Healing  



On this tour you will dive deep into the world of aromatherapy and essential oils, learn about the properties of the native plants and herbs that have been used as medicine for hundreds of years. Submerse yourself in this olfactory healing  landscape and discover the secrets of the wonderfully fragrant aromatic plants.

Provence is much more than just beautiful lavender fields, bright sun and the song of the cicadas. Provence is the part of the world that has the biggest variety of aromatic plants. 

The climate of this area creates the perfect condition for plants to produce high amounts of precious, volatile, aromatic healing compounds  known as essential oils. It is not only lavender that thrives in this landscape- there are also hundreds of different plants that growing in this beautiful land that fill the air with their aromatic  fragrances.

Aromatherapy is just one of the ways in which we can use these powerful fragrant allies... We will guide you as you learn about the many different ways one can create very potent medicines, including:

  • Herbal tinctures 

  • Flower essences 

  • Tonics

During the week you will also:

  • Learn how to identify edible wild plants, forage and prepare your bounty into delicious meals

  • Learn tequniques to feel and connect with the energy of trees and plants 

  • Visit the vast sea of lavender fields

  • Flower meditation- Learn to listen to what the flowers  have to tell you

  • Discover the ancient and little known spiritual background of Provence


Our trip will be situated in High Provence in the Pays de Sault.

During this journey you will dive into the secrets of distillation and the production of essential oils. You will smell, live and experience these precious molecules on a deeper level and be guided through different experiences to connect with the energetic aspect of that medicine. In contrast to the physical healing properties of essential oils, you will also be guided to discover how plants can heal us on a very subtle level, including: 


  • Aroma meditation with essential oils- emotional healing with  essential oils.

  • Aroma meditation with hydrolates- discover the energetical power of hydrolates

  • Fun group aroma excersises through fragrances- self reflection through the "eyes of an essential oil"

  • Create your own healing perfume to manifest or  help you in a specific area in your life​​


  • Visit ancient pre-celtic sacred sites

  • Visit the legendary Mont Ventoux enjoy a picnic whilst watching the sunset colouring Provence and the French Alps 

  • Hear tales of different legends and myths that will transport you back in time

  • Discover the ancient and little known spiritual
    background of Provence


  • Visit ancient pre-celtic sacred sites

  • Visit the legendary Mont Ventoux enjoy a picnic whilst
     watching the sunset colouring Provence and the
    French Alps 


  • Hear tales of different legends and myths that will transport you back in time

• Medicinal plant knowledge

• Local plant identification 

• Aromatherapy knowledge 

• Basic herbal preparations

• Learn about Provençal plants

• Learn about the Celtic tradition 

• How to connect with the energies of trees and plants 

• Local myth, legend, folklore and story telling

• How to have a deeper connection with Nature 

• Techniques for opening intuition
• Initiation to Shamanic journeys
• How to work with spirit guides
• Dream work and analysis

• How to connect with your inner being and gain a deeper
   understanding of your true self



This trip is for anyone who is interested in plants and aromatherapy. There are no specific requirements  to join this tour, people of all ages are welcome. Everyone is welcome. 




DAY  1:

Pick up in Avignon TGV train station at 4pm* - Transfer to a beautiful provencal house in a beautiful natural surrounding. After some rest we’ll meet for a welcoming reception to set our healing intentions for the trip and discuss the activities for the week ahead.

DAY  2:

In the morning, we will embark on a botanical walk to see, feel and learn about the most common aromatic plants of Provence in a beautiful forest. We will stop on the way to immerse ourselves into the energy of vast and organic lavender fields so we can also compare its energy with the wild lavender that we will encounter in the forest.


After a delicious and provencal lunch, we will go and visit an old distiller that has been distilling essential oils for generations. We will harvest with him a powerful healing plant and distil it so we can work with its medicine.


Evening activity: Aromatic meditation with an essential oil

DAY  3:

In the morning, we will start the day with a fun lecture to teach you some of the ancient spiritual way of seeing and using plants and how to approach essential oils with your intuitive capacity.


After a delicious and provencal lunch, we will go and visit one of the biggest organic distillery of the area. You’ll have the chance to ask all the questions you want.


Late afternoon, it’s going to be the time to learn how to make an oil perfume that will help you with an intention...Perfume magic is really powerful!

DAY  5:

In the morning we will go to Brantes, a stunning provencal village where we will meet a specialist in foraging that will teach us about some edible plants of the area and we will harvest them and cook lunch together. 

Afternoon: Discover how to make a herbal tincture. We will be demonstrating and making a very helpful digestive blend. 


Evening: Stargazing. This area of Provence is known for its most beautiful night sky of Europe. We will look at the stars and just relax while looking for shooting stars. 

DAY  6:

In the morning  we will visit a traditional farm of aromatic and medicinal plants in a beautiful secluded valley. During the visit you will see wild and cultivated plants that grow side by side and learn to recognise these plants that are so steeped in tradition. You will learn about how you can use these plants in your daily life and the myths and legends that surround them.


Afternoon: Connection with the energy of the trees.


Evening: Closing ceremony

DAY  7:

After breakfast, a transfer back to Avignon TGV’s train station will be available at 10am for a 12pm arrival.

*On the arrival date, there will be just one pick up from Avignon TGV. Please arrive by 4pm. If you cant make it by then then please make your own way to us.

DAY  4:

In the morning, we will go and visit a traditional provencal market in a beautiful scenic village. 

We will then go for an excursion to a beautiful Abbey that has been built on an ancient Celtic sacred place that they transform into a Rose garden. That will be an opportunity to connect with the energies of the earth and of this heart oppener plant.

We’ll be concocting a Rose Flower essence.


After a Delicious Pic nic in Nature,


We will go to a forest where you will learn how to feel and connect with nature’s healing energy, discover a very ancient sacred place and learn how to recognize and unlock the healing power of this kind of places.

Evening: Ritual or aromatic meditation



The easiest way to get here is to fly into Paris and get a direct train to Avignon TGV where you will be picked up on the 9th July at 4pm. 

The closest airport is Marseille, from there you can take a bus to Vitrolles train station where you can then take a train to Avignon.


If arriving by car, please plan to arrive around 5:30pm.



  • Meals from the dinner of the first night to the breakfast of the last day

  • Accommodation

  • All the plant workshops and visits  specified in the itinerary

  • All the activities specified in the itinerary

  • Private transport

  • Transfer to and from Avignon TGV’s train station 

  • Accommodation

  • Travel with two English and French speaking herbal enthusiasts

  • A flower essence and a plant ally pouch

  • A travel kit that is going to be sent to you before the trip that includes:

    • A drawstring travel bag

    • Natural sun block

    • Natural mosquito repellent

    • A beautiful notebook and a pen


  • Airfare and transportation to Avignon TGV’s train station

  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance

  • Meals and drinks not specified

  • Cost to obtain valid passport and Visa (if needed) 

  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls

  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary


Double room: 2 500 €

Supplement for a single room: 600 €




Pictures from our 2017 Provence trip




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